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The 3D Pool Design was awesome!

It was very cool to see how accurate the pool designer was able to mimic our backyard with the pool right in place! We were able to see a video that was 3D also, where you can move around the mouse to look around, so cool! This is what was so helpful when we were planning our pool design, it really gave us a sense of scale, and aided in the layout & placement details.


Online source for swimming pool designs – wow

We were not able to try the VR headset, which they said it could do, but it was really more than enough to have both images and videos in 360 degrees. I highly suggest you make sure your pool designer is using this technology when creating your pool.


This all came from a very creative online swimming pool design service that we used to get a pool design we could use to compare local pool builders prices. Initially we had thought we would build the pool ourselves but realized we just could not reasonably make it happen with our family, maybe for other people this is no problem just not for us.

Trouble with finding good pool companies

We have not started building our pool yet, mainly because we could not determine which way we wanted to do it. I suppose that if we started ourselves we could have hired someone to finish if we could not but, sparing the family details we know we will be hiring. So, we have our design, and we know exactly how much this pool will cost to build, so now we are taking bids from local pool builders.

Our main problem are the general directories do not seem to have accurate listings, or when a business closes nobody removes the listing, we made lots of calls that went nowhere with these types of sites. Instead of going to those generic online directory websites, we found better quality pool contractors from these pool company directory websites. It seems the guys on there are more professional and have mostly been quality verified.

We have a few more meeting lined up with pool contractors, I will make another update when we decide who to go with.

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Finding a Swimming Pool Contractor – Montgomery Texas Edition

As we get closer to our Texas hot and humid summer 2017, there are no doubt many enthusiastic thoughts about relaxing in or around our own warm tropical paradise, either privately or with friends and family, the overall improvement to your property and lifestyle are certainly worth an affordable custom swimming pool. For many of us “this is the year we are getting the pool!”

So let’s get started with probably the biggest decision as it will determine the outcome of the project and every detail. Building custom pool requires many calculations and experienced decisions, but none more important than selecting a swimming pool contractor. Add these notes to your swimming pool construction checklist.

Start at the closest source to you

Texas Swimming Pool Contractors Referrals – If you are reading this the chances are you know someone that owns a pool now, or has owned one in the past, and hopefully not just inheriting the pool but have been through the pool construction process themselves. This is the most down to earth and direct, uncensored feedback that you can get. Don’t stop at just asking for a name and phone number, schedule a time to take a look at their pool, and really look at the quality.

Upon calling the referring pool company, go ahead and call on up to 3 additional pool contractors in your area. If you live in a larger city, you may also be able to find recommendations from internet forums and consumer websites. The reason you will want to do this is for diversity, both in the pricing, design quality, advanced skills, and their references. This may seem time consuming, but you will have the permanent concrete pool in your backyard much longer than it takes to find the right pool builder.

Actually call the provided references

A pool contractor may be obliged to supply you with a list of testimonials, and you would be wise to ask for it as well. Don’t let them sit around, when the pool builder you have decided can create the best design you like, has the best online reputation, and can show recently built pools with satisfied customers, then it is time to call each reference that they supply to you. Listen carefully and make sure that all of their stories do not sound the same, too similar, or express the same general tone.

Search for their reviews online, and if they show up in Google in more than one place you know they are recommended. See an example below:

Ask specific questions about what type of pool they had built, when they started and when it was completed. Inquire about how the pool construction process was throughout the length of the project, and what happened when there was a weather delay. If they can answer the questions quickly without hesitation then they could possibly be a credible source. None the less, always trust your gut feeling!

Another small measure that one could take is to check with the APSP for active membership and roles. Above all things do not move too quickly when you are wanting to build a new custom pool. Since there are so many amazing customization options and water features available these days, take the time to fully understand how the swimming pool system works, and what can be done with the materials.

Ask if the company will provide continued services after the completion of the project. After completing you will need to have a pool service company make regular visits to keep it clean and safe.

Article Source: Directory Top Rated Swimming Pool Contractors of Montgomery County Texas